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  1. 1

    Subham Bishwakarma Man Utd

    No Mourinho……United needs pep….

  2. 2

    Andrew Walker

    We need him now if Man U are to stay in the top 4 we can’t go on like we are going or Liverpool will go above us come on united lets get him now

  3. 3

    Babagana Ali Nguru

    Yes we wishin him wlcm #Luis_Van_gaal_Outa.

  4. 5
    1. 5.1

      Tarek Mufc Haidar

      Nothing is confirmed.. Still waiting for things to develop

    2. 5.3

      Tar Gyi

      I’m “mu “crazy !”mu” is’nt life or dead but it’s more than that

  5. 6

    Cary Wagner

    Hell no. We don’t need a narcissistic wanker. Go home and stay there!

  6. 7

    Kenny Walton

    You do not need another manager Michael Warwick keep LVG he will take you to the promised land, I can honestly say every supporter of every team in England hope man utd stick with the manager, Come on Manchester utd fans give the guy a chance you know it makes sense.

    1. 7.1

      Michael Warwick

      We will pay his wages and you can have him at Wednesday what do you say pal

    2. 7.2

      Kenny Walton

      Cheers Mick I have just heard the tea lady at Wednesday as just retired and there’s a job vacancy, would suit the knob perfectly and he could bring Rooney with him to do the fetching and carrying, but it’s only minimum wage so he will have to earn his money.

    3. 7.3

      Michael Warwick

      With how slow and boring his build up is the tea would be cold before you got it

  7. 8

    Levy Jere

    Chelsea head catch

  8. 9

    Giz Rooney

    Gardiyola is 1st the next Jose is answer

  9. 10

    Tammy Alford

    Sod off u Chelsea reject we don’t need or want u

  10. 11

    Kingi Maxiwell Kingi

    I hate LVG with his sitting attitude

  11. 12

    Half Engeneer Kawshik

    if we want to be Red Devil again….we need a devil like Mou

  12. 13

    kakoma kandonga

    Come on pipo we need him now b4 its too late

  13. 14

    Hans Nickison

    We should take mou,if its not posible give giggs the team coz he is our legend


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